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Ellen Hayes,  Singer/Writer/Musician

Ellen Hayes is a Detroit-born Gospel artist with an incredible vocal range. She began singing in church at a young age, and has been inspiring believers with her powerful voice ever since. A eight-time Rhythm of Gospel Nominee and three-time Texas Gospel Music Excellence Nominee, Ellen is known for her mastery of traditional Gospel music and contemporary Gospel music. In addition to her musical talents, she is also an organist, pianist, choir director, and songwriter. Her long-awaited album We Owe It All To You is set to shake up the world of Gospel music.

Why I sing Gospel Music...

A talented singer and skillful interpreter of song, Ellen realized at the age of 16 that she’d been called to the ministry of musc. Songwriting took hold when her father stopped allowing certain songs – ones he felt didn’t line up with scripture – to be sung in church. That decision forced Ellen to start penning her own songs, songs taken right from scripture. Ellen says that the Lord “opened up the creative part” of her mind and began giving her melodies to complement scripture.Ellen’s first song written from scripture was titled “Lift Up Your Heads”.

The grandchildren of Pastor Charles Edison were the first to sing this song at his Appreciation service. This was the start of Ellen using her God-given skills to direct a choir. There over 70 grandchildren in that choir! Not only did she go on to lead choirs for many years, but also composed and arranged music for several church musicals. Today, she continues using her musical gifts in various ways including leading worship services and writing new music for the Lord.

Now, Ellen Hayes is set to take center stage again with her 2022 release, We Owe It All To You. A former executive board member of the National Independent Gospel Music Association, also known as NIGMA. Ellen maintains her NIGMA membership, and Stellar Award Music Academy membership, also known as SAGMA, and her GMWA membership. Also known as The Gospel Music Workshop of America. Ellen feels like the season is right to showcase more music and to encourage the saint's with new songs. And the saints are ready.





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